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  1. Proven Safe - Reduces possibility of playground injuries.  Meets and exceeds safety standards of the U.S.A. C.P.S.C. and the ASTM for shock-absorbing qualities when properly applied and maintained.

  2. Wheelchair Accessible - Proven to be maneuverable in accordance with ASTM PS 83-97 and the new ASTM F 1951-99.  Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  3. Economical - Low initial cost with minimal maintenance.

  4. Excellent Drainage - Will not restrict water flow or evaporation.

  5. Totally Natural - 100% virgin forest wood with no chemical additives and no filler materials.

  6. Environmentally Responsible - TimberTurfgives surplus virgin wood a second life.

  7. Attractive Appearance - TimberTurf makes your playground more appealing to everyone.

  8. Easy and Inexpensive to Install - No special equipment needed - any playground maintenance crew can place TimberTurf�.

  9. Long Lasting - Good for up to five years use with proper drainage and occasional redressing.

  10. DeWitt Filter Fabric - Available through SJAP NaturaLink for sub base drainage installations.

  11. Installation available in any of our serving areas: NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, & VA.

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TimberTurf� meets or exceeds all safety test criteria!
CPSC Fall-Height Criteria for falls from 10 feet!
ASTM HIC (Head Injury Criteria) standards!
New Jersey Public Law 1999, Chapter 50!

The consumer Public Safety Commission (CPSC) Fall-Height criteria is the most significant of these regulations, inasmuch as playground equipment is no more than ten feet high.  But it is reassuring to note, on the chart below, how much more effectively TimberTurf absorbs g-forces than do other materials even at the higher fall height of 12', two feet higher than the CPSC Head Injury Criteria.



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