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Mulches, Top Soil, Soil Blends


100% Virgin Mulch Products,
Topsoil, and Soil Blends
by SJAP NaturaLink


"Pure Satin" Root Mulch

Pure Satin is a 100% organic root mulch specially processed and aged under controlled conditions for the best performance.  Its rich, dark color and shredded texture makes it a popular choice.  Treat your plant and shrubs to a bed of Pure Satin today.

"Golden Harvest" Premium All Natural Hardwood

Golden Harvest is a top-performing organic mulch made from 100% virgin hardwood chips. This dark, golden mulch dresses up your landscape with its easy application and quality texture.  Your best value for extended service.  Make your harvest golden!

"Prime Chip" Screened Virgin Wood

Prime Chip is a quality blend of 100% virgin wood, chipped and screened for uniformity.  Its long life, easy handling, wind resistance and low maintenance make it suitable for varied everyday applications.  If it's chips you're after, make sure you ask for Prime Chip.

"Jersey Natural" Organic Topsoil

Jersey Natural is custom-blend organic topsoil.  This premium, rich, 100% natural topdressing formulation is ideal for any topsoil application.  when you think natural, think Jersey Natural.

TimberTurf™ Playground Safety Surface Material

TimberTurf is all natural, virgin wood specially processed and formulated to meet or exceed all federal and state playground safety requirements when applied to recommended depth.  Call or write for your TimberTurf brochure today.  Remember, TimberTurf is big protection for small children.

New Beginnings™ Colored Mulches

New Beginnings is quality organic, decorative, colored mulch.  Its premium colors resist fading while adding new horizons to your landscape.  Available in red, brown, black and custom colors upon request.  EPA approved.  New Beginnings... a colorful beginning you can't afford to miss.

Other Products Available:
Composted Manure
Potting Soil

Commercial vendors as well as the general public are welcome to pick up from one to 100 cu. yds. at our facility.  We make bulk deliveries from 50 cu. yd. to 100 cu. yd.  SJAP NaturaLink is delighted to serve your needs in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.  We can provide private label bagging services for any mulch and/or soil product.

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